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We are a dedicated company committed to quality home inspections in and throughout the state of Mississippi. Our company is experienced, licensed, and certified to perform both new and existing home inspections with the utmost attention to our performance while addressing our clients concerns with ethics, honesty, and only the highest standards of service. We look forward to meeting your inspection needs.

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Eli Childers, Owner/Inspector


Eli is a thorough and trusted home inspector who went to great lengths for my family as we were in the process of purchasing a home. Because of his thorough inspection, an area that could have easily been missed was found. As a result of his finding, further investigation led us to discover bigger issues which helped us make the right decision not to purchase the home. We will always highly recommend Eli Childers for any home inspection. 



Eli knows his stuff. He pays attention to the details and communicates his findings clearly.



Eli was the home inspector on the last house purchase we made. He was phenomenal. Eli did not rush or cut corners. We felt sure that he had inspected everything that could be inspected. His report was very detailed and thorough. After the inspection, he took the time to go over the report with us, and I never felt like he was in a rush. I highly recommend him!



Eli was very thorough and honest! Exactly what you need when you are a first time home buyer. I highly recommend him.



Eli inspected my home for me before i bought it. He was timely, extremely thorough, completely professional, and a true pleasure to work with. You wont find a another person with the integrity, friendliness, and attention to detail that Eli brings to the table. I would recommend him above all others to ANYBODY for their home inspections! 5 stars!!